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Supporting you through a bereavement

by - 21/03/2022 in Savings Twitter logo icon link Facebook logo icon link LinkedIn logo icon link
Charter Savings Bank are happy to support you through a Bereavement

Managing the financial matters of someone close to you when you’re grieving is never easy.

We’ve done everything we can to make sure our process is as simple and straightforward as possible and, if you ever need to talk to us, our friendly customer service team is on hand to help answer any questions you may have.

To make things even simpler, we’ve made further improvements to our bereavement process which you’ll see below.

With effect from 1st March 2022, the following changes have taken place:

  • The amount of funds that can be withdrawn from a deceased customer’s account(s), before Grant of Probate / Letters of Administration are required, has increased from £5,000 to £25,000
  • We’ll now make payments by electronic transfer if requested (you can still receive a cheque if you prefer)*
  • We’ll now release funds of up to £600 (subject to checks) for the Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration fee

We understand it can be difficult to know what steps you should take to notify organisations of a bereavement, so we have everything you need to know in one place.

Please take a look at our Bereavement Guide for information on how to notify us, other organisations you may need to contact and also what documents you’ll require to manage a deceased customer’s account held with us.

If you need any further support with our bereavement process, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions or if you prefer, call us on 0800 032 9999. We’re open from 8am to 8pm from Monday to Thursday, 8am to 6:30pm on Fridays, 9am to 5pm on Saturdays and 10am to 4pm on Sundays.

*the Charter Savings Bank General Savings Conditions will be amended in due course to reflect this change.

Financial Services Compensation Scheme

Financial Services Compensation Scheme

Your eligible deposits held by a UK establishment of Charter Savings Bank are protected up to a total of £85,000 by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme, the UK’s deposit protection scheme. Any deposits you hold above the limit are unlikely to be covered. Please click here for further information or visit www.fscs.org.uk.