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5 Haunting Halloween house party ideas

by - 25/10/2019 in Lifestyle Twitter logo icon link Facebook logo icon link LinkedIn logo icon link

Who doesn’t love a Halloween house party? Okay, maybe it’s not for everyone, but perhaps you’ve left preparations to the last minute or maybe your ‘eerie access’ savings account is running low this year? If so, here are a few ideas to help make the creepiest day of the year a little more manageable and even more chilling!

  1. How to create awesome Halloween outfits

    There’s no better time than All Hallows’ Eve to clear out your cupboard and cull some of your redundant robes. Let’s face it, shoulder pads aren’t coming back any time soon and that ten year old gingham gown doesn’t need much work to be scary!

    Get to work on tearing, shredding, stitching and attaching to your fearsome frocks. Perhaps that 90s neck tie sealed a boardroom business deal back in the day, but it’s useful only to a zombie CEO now... that’s some promotion.

    Tip: Browse the pound shops and fill your party with props that guests can add to their get-up, look for horrible headbands and gruesome jewellery - the kids will love it!

  2. Prepare the best Halloween buffet

    Whether you’re catering for gory guests or just trying to creep out the kids, delivering a devilish dinner is arguably the most important part of a horrible Halloween. Time to check the backs of the cupboards for unused goodies; be sure to check the shelves for spaghetti, as it makes the perfect worm gravy!

    If you’re aiming to get even more ghastly with your buffet, food colouring is your friend! Add 10 drops of the creepiest colouring to every tablespoon of water inside a zip-lock bag, add your cooked spaghetti and let it soak for 2 minutes before getting creative with your cruel display!

    Tip: If you’re catering for adults, gin’s in! A quick search for ‘Halloween gin’ will ensure you produce the most terrible tipple.

  3. Plan perfect Halloween party themes

    Escape rooms are all the rage at the moment, so why not try a creepy challenge for your guests? A hideous cauldron could be the perfect way to hand out your haunting tasks

    Grab a bucket or bowl and drape a blanket from the inside over the edges. Fill it with creepily cryptic clues that lead to hidden keys and locked doors, behind which is anyone’s guess! Either way your puzzling tasks should keep guests talking for years to come.

    Tip: Left it to the last minute? Head for the garage, you’ll house the most horrid hallway by draping paint splattered bedsheets! It doesn’t have to be red paint, any colour will do and even add to the intrigue.

  4. Get super spooky with smart lighting

    Eerie lighting can make or break even the bravest Halloween reveller. A few additions to your lighting rig can help haunt your ghastly garden path or even your dimly-lit living room. Got a smart light bulb? Search your app store for the latest ‘smart light bulb controls’ and maybe you can make your lights flicker or even change to a repulsive red! Visit meethue.com for some great ideas for Halloween smart light scenes.

    Not into smart tech? No problem, take a trip to the supermarket and see what beastly battery-powered bulbs are on offer!

    Tip: Schedule your switch-on early so your arriving guests (and your nosey neighbours) get a preview of the party ahead.

  5. Create creepy party games

    You’ve played all the favourites and you definitely exhausted apple bobbing last year. However if your aim is to entertain the kids, try breathing some new life into your ‘bored games’ by making a terrible trifle.

    • Take a clean bucket (or a mixing bowl will do) and fill it with custard, jelly and a broken up sponge cake.
    • Add jelly spiders, gummy worms and maybe even some foul fruit (if you want to give the kids a real fright).
    • Apply a blindfold and convince the kids to dig in, and let the squirming commence!

    Tip: Make too much, this way, your terrible trifle can double up as a disgusting after-dinner dessert!

The tips above should provide a fantastically foul party, however if you’re in a bit more of a rush, raid pound shops as well as your local supermarkets, they stock some pretty gruesome party gear!

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